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Our seed is about a lot more than a crazy name and a big buck on the bag. We've carefully designed each of our seed mixes for a purpose. To fill a specific role in your food plot plan and ultimately improve your hunting success.

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food plot seed

We're revolutionizing food plotting with seed mixes you can't find anywhere else. We've formulated food plot mixes for every situation. Designed to be easy to grow, highly attractive, and nutritious for your herd.


We also offer the best fruit and nut trees for improving wildlife habitat through a separate website, Whitetail Hill Chestnuts, click the button below to go there:

Multi-year mix

Want a food plot that produces year-round or just tired of re-planting every year? Multi-Year Mix is for you. Chicory + some of the toughest and longest lived perennial clovers make for a combo that can last up to 5 years and sometimes more!

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Kill Plot

Specifically designed to perform in those small plots where big things happen. A blend of shade and graze tolerant clovers, chicory, and brassicas this mix is one of our most popular all around. Small plots or large it can do it all.

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Even the best food plots don't help if deer don't feel safe enough to enter them during daylight. Hideaway is a screening mix made from hybrid sorghums and millets of varying heights. Stands up to weather and provides concealment and security for your plots.

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